Nick Norris

At Proto3DPrinting.com, our primary interest is in providing 3D printing, and related services to anyone looking for this emerging technology. We’re located in Findlay, Ohio – just south of Toledo, and although we serve the Northwest Ohio area locally, we are also able to handle requests from anywhere in the United States.

Attention to detail, and quality of print are always our highest priorities. Through exhaustive research, our initial purchases of a MakerGear M2 printer, and Simplify3D software have proven to be the right choice for the high quality 3D printing you should expect.

My personal background is in the racing industry. Initially in machining and assembling performance automotive engines, and progressing into racing engine development. I’ve spent the last 10 years designing engine components for racing applications. Maintaining the tolerances required to be successful in this profession, will certainly influence the quality of product that we provide to you, as the end user.